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Corporate Yoga Program

​Office yoga is becoming a popular way for companies to improve employee productivity and well-being. Adding Yoga sessions in Your Corporate Wellness Program have been shown to help improve focus, relaxation, and energy levels, all of which can lead to a more productive work environment & Reduce Workplace Stress.

Why Corporate Yoga Session

Reduce stress and improve productivity with SS Corporate Wellness! Our corporate yoga program is designed to help your staff stay healthy and happy while at work. Through simple stretches and poses, breathing exercises.

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Many more Activities to Choose From

Desk Yoga Session

 Ideal for employees who sit for long hours and have limited space. Desk yoga is a great way to keep the body active and healthy while working.

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Meditation Programs

Meditation program Helps Employees be more relaxed and calm during the work day, meditation programs helps to spread positive energy throughout the office

Office yoga

Traditional yoga

Traditional Yoga Sessions are a great way to feel relaxed & to Stay Fit.

Traditional Yoga Sessions require large spaces & Yoga Mats


& many more

We Offer many more varieties of Yoga like Astanga Yoga, Bricks Yoga, Power Yoga, Kids Yoga etc

Frequently Asked Questions?


How Much Does A Office Yoga Session Cost ?


Charges range from Rs 800 Per Session & Can reach up to 7,000 depending on the Trainer's Experience & No Of Sessions to be Conducted in the Organization


At SS Corporate Wellness, We Offer a Variety of Yoga Sessions. Based on Your Office Space & requirement, We can Suggest You Options like Desk Yoga Sessions, Chair Yoga, Traditional Yoga Or Power yoga.


We Have Limited Office Space, Can We Still Do Yoga in Office ?


Corporate Yoga Session Benefits?


Benefits of Doing Yoga in Office are as follows

• Increase focus and concentration
• Improve communication skills
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Provide a mental break from the rigours of business as usual


Are Your Trainer's Certified ?


All Our Trainer's Are Certified from Reputed Institutions from Across India, Also all Our Trainer's need to Have a Minimum Experience of 3 Years to be a Part Of our Team.


Can You Conduct Desk Yoga or Chair Yoga?


We At SS Corporate Wellness Offer more than 7 Variations of Yoga Including Desk Yoga, Chair Yoga, Traditional Yoga for Employees.

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