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Virtual Wellness Program

Having a virtual wellness program can be a great way to keep your employees engaged, productive, and fit. virtual wellness programs are cost-effective. Companies that offer virtual wellness programs see a return on investment within six to twelve months. Additionally, virtual wellness programs are more cost-effective than traditional wellness programs.

Start A Virtual Wellness Program

Do you work remotely with a team? If so, consider using our SS Corporate Wellness virtual wellness sessions to keep your team feeling good about working together.


Our online and on-demand sessions can be conducted on different platforms like MS Teams/Zoom meetings, making it easy for everyone to participate. Plus, our professional Trainers can Keep Your team Enaged & Encourage participation.

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Frequently Asked Questions?


Are Virtual Corporate Wellness Programs Effective? 


Our Team Of professional trainers are Fully Committed to delivering You the Best Experience. Virtual Sessions may look Tricky but can Be Extremely Beneficial with proper Guidance


What are the Video Conferencing Solutions are recommended for the Sessions? 


We Recommend Using zoom, But We can also Conduct Sessions on all major platforms like MS teams, Google meet, Jio Meet Etc


How Much Do Virtual Wellness Sessions Cost?


Charges Start From Rs 800/- Per Session & Can Range upto Rs 3000 Per Session.

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