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5 Yoga Asanas For Employees At Work

It is a known fact that yoga reduces stress and helps improve the mood of people. Corporate yoga sessions benefit employees by reducing stress, increasing focus, and giving them more energy to concentrate & be Productive. Corporate yoga sessions are also good for staff morale and workaholism as people get to meet all their obligations at a single session thereby reducing the time required to prepare for another day.

Corporate Yoga is the most effective business and life development tool to improve productivity, increase productivity, focus,

Yoga is an important part of any Corporate Wellness Program for employees which can help them reduce their stress level and enhance their overall health.

Most people have a mindset that You need to be an Expert at Yoga to practice on Your Own, which is not true. Although it is best to do yoga under Supervision there are many Simple Exercises that you can Do At your office desk without raising the Eyebrows of Your Colleagues.

Today I wish to share with you 5 Yoga Asanas suggested by Expert Trainers of SS Corporate Wellness which you can Do at Your Desk without any Supervision.

Seated Cat / Cow Pose (asana)

An excellent way to warm up and detox yourself following a day of strenuous exercise. This pose is also one of the most beneficial poses for strengthening the core, shoulder and hip area and strengthening the abdominal muscles. Seated Cat & Cow pose is a Very Simple form of Yoga, and can have great advantages to your health. If You Sit for Long Hours & have Experienced Back pains this Yoga pose is a Must for You.


Sit halfway on the Chair & place your palms on your thighs.

Take A Deep Breath & Arch Your Back and Open Your Chest & Lift Up Your Chin slightly.

Next Exhale & round Your Back while pushing your Chin Slightly towards the Chest.

Minimum 10 Reps of Each Pose & Increase till 25 reps.

Upper Body Twist

This exercise will strengthen your upper body & Spine, but most importantly, it will strengthen your core. What is your core? Your abs. Thou You won't Get 6 pack Abs just by doing this Pose but you will Surely feel happy & Confident.


Sit In the middle of Your Chair, Inhale & Turn towards your Right, Now Place Your Left hand On Your arm Rest & right at the back of chair & then Exhale. Repeat the Same Way for the Left Side.

Start By 10 Reps Each Side & Gradually Increase till 20 - 25 Reps Each Side.

Forward Body Bend.

The Back Stretch is a key element of Yoga practice. With Increased Workload, an Average Employee Sits for more than6 Hours a Day, Sooner than Later he/she Will Experience Lower back Pains, Doing forward Body Bend Can relive Lower Back Pains


It is best performed with the Bodyweight slightly in the back, & then raising Your Arms up & bending Down towards your Thighs. Breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth with a slow, smooth, rhythmic movement will stretch and open Your lower back, neck, and shoulders.

Start By 10 Reps & Gradually Increase the No of Reps.

Seated Shoulder Roll.

Continuous working on Computers can result in Stiffness of Shoulders & if unattended can result in a Frozen Shoulder. However A Simple form of Yoga Exercise, the Seated Shoulder Roll can help you.


Sit in the Middle of your Chair & place your hand on Your thighs, Inhale & Shrug Your Shoulders Up & move your Shoulders towards the back & then Front & Slowly Exhale. Do this for 10 to 15 reps & then move your Shoulders in the Opposite Direction for 10 - 15 reps.

Relaxation for the Eyes.

Staring at the Computer Screen, Your Eyes are strained & need Some form of relaxation as well Do this Simple Task & get Stress Free Instantly.


Sit In A relaxed position & Close Your Eyes, Inhale & Hold for A few Seconds & Exhale, Do this 10 Times, now rub your Palms & then Place them On Your Eye Sockets & gently press them. Do this 2 - 3 Times. Now Open Your Eyes with a Smile & You Are Feeling Much Better & Relaxed.

These Simple Yoga Asanas Can Help You Improve your health & be Productive all by Invest 10 minutes of your time, If You are looking for an Expert to Teach you Yoga in your Office premises contact us to Get The Best Deals.

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