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Starting A Corporate Wellness Program in India

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

What is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate Wellness Program is an Employer's Approach towards Creating a Healthy Workplace by Starting Wellness Initiatives for Employee Wellness during The Daily Work Schedule to Promote the Employees Wellbeing.

Importance of Corporate Wellness India?

According to an ASSOCHAM survey, 43 per cent of Indian employees suffer from depression, with at least 23% suffering from obesity. High blood pressure, slip discs, diabetes, and arthritis are all frequent ailments.

Thus the Emergence of Establishing a culture that encourages wellness among your employees helps manage stress, reduce absenteeism, decrease job turnover, job satisfaction, etc while promoting a healthy lifestyle through physical activities.

6 Steps To Start & Implement A Successful Corporate Wellness Program In India.

1) Take A Survey

Before Starting a Corporate Wellness Survey it is Important to Understand the Interests of your Employee. Understanding If Your Employees will be more inclined towards A Weight Loss Programs or Health Screenings programs or do they Need A Smoking Cessation Program or Nutrition Education or If You need something for their mental health. A proper Survey Will Help You Create A Comprehensive Wellness Program.

Also, It is Important to do A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Survey.

Identifying the Health risks faced by your Employees through Questionnaires & Health Screenings can help you understand the type of program which needs to Undertaken by the organization.

By Taking the Survey we can Implement A Program based on the likes & Needs of the Employees & hence can Expect Better Participation & Involvement in The Program.

2) Plan Long Term

One Of The Most Common Mistakes Made by Employers is to Expect immediate results. Employers Should Understand that in order to get Definite results a Long Term Planning & Targets is Needed.

Example The goal for 1st Year - 50% Participation The goal for 2nd Year - 10% Improvement in Health Of Employees The goal for 3rd Year - Lower Medical Expenses, Returns of 1.5 X of Cost of Programs

3) Strong Leadership Support

For A Corporate Wellness Program To truly work it requires Support from the Leadership of the Company. A perceived lack of leadership support could prevent employees from participating and benefiting from these initiatives. Leadership support costs very little to implement and can be as simple as celebrating employee efforts or sharing personal well-being goals and practices.

4) Implementing The Best Suitable Program

After Following the above Steps you need To Finalize the Activities to be covered by the Program. You should be able to create the Mix of the Activities to better serve the Employees.

Types Of Corporate Wellness Program.

Stress Reduction programs.

Weight Loss Programs Vaccination Drives Health & Nutrition Education Daily Exercise Programs.

5) Establish A Employee Wellness Committee

A is Required To Check on the Implementation & Updating the Program Periodically, A Workplace Wellness Program to Be Successful needs Continuous Follow up & Evaluation. The Committee Should also Be Able to Keep a Track of The Goals of the Program & Develop & implement Strategies in order to meet the Short term & Long Term Goals.

6) Rewards & Recognition

You may spend tens of thousands of Rupees to Develop a Successful Employee Wellness Program to make the Corporate Wellness Program effective. It needs a Good incentive Structure. We agree that losing weight and getting healthy are challenging Wellness goals requiring one's full commitment and focus on completing. But you can make the entire process fun and a lot easier to achieve with Rewards.

Rewarding your employees for embracing the path towards a healthy life will motivate them to stay on track for a long time. It Will also motivate other Employees to Participate in the Program & develop healthy Habits.

Following the Above Steps can Make A Corporate Wellness program Successful, It Is Advisable for a Company to Appoint A Corporate Wellness Company That can provide you with a Corporate wellness solution, the Required Manpower & technology for Conducting Corporate Wellness Programs.

Planning To Start A Corporate Wellness Program, Get Help from Experts Visit to get A Customised Employee Wellness Program.

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